December 17, 2011

Bon Noel!

Two faded postcards found their way into 
our crazy, consumerist Christmas.

Relics of a time when handwriting looped and swirled, 
when you had to wait for the ink to dry...

These remind us that Christmas is a time for opening your heart, 
giving and receiving with joy, accepting, cherishing, 
forgiving yourself, forgiving others and moving on.

A long time ago, at Christmas time,
David received seven kisses 
from his Loving Dad

What more could you want for Christmas?

Wishing you all the Happiest of times these holidays.
See you in 2012



October 26, 2011

A weekend in the country

Kangaroo Valley is nestled between the mountains and the sea 
on the South Coast of NSW.

Although we've never seen a kangaroo here, 
we have enjoyed the valley's verdant landscape, 
shady picnic spots and lovely lichen. 

A cup of morning sunshine, a shady walk. 

Floating on a jasmine scented breeze.

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See you at our next Fair days 

Rose Bay and Mosman
Gift of Hope UpMarket Markets 



October 19, 2011

Ikebana inspiration

This book quietly made it's way onto our bookshelf a few years ago. 

Japanese Ikebana, sculptural simplicity 
and a divine 1967 colour palate 
are the reasons we keep returning
 to leaf through these pages. 

"Whether it be the foliage pattern of a tree or a hovering shape of a bird, 
the functional forms of nature can be most beautiful indeed."

Fair Days

BiLLY's own interpretation of Australian Flora 
will be on display and for purchase
at the following Fairs around Sydney

Gift of Hope 

Wednesday October 26th (evening)
and Thursday October 27th 8-5pm
Eastern Suburbs Rugby Union Club
O'Sullivan Rd, Rose Bay

Thursday November 10th (evening)
and Friday November 11th 8-4pm
Drill Hall, Cross St, Mosman


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See you soon,



October 04, 2011

From snow to ice

All that magical, sparkling white stillness. All those lovely tinkling, crackling, dripping sounds of spring snows melting.

As we travelled the wide open road home, heading towards summer at the rate of knots, the idea just popped...

Why not recreate a frozen floral wonderland? Invite winter for an extended showing. Slow time down for a spell.

So we did...

Beauty is preserved on ice.  Oh! would that it were true for us. 

Visit us at Leura Village Fair this weekend

The Leura Village Fair
Blue Mountains

Saturday 8th October
Sunday 9th October

Can't wait to see you there,


September 27, 2011

Headed for the High Country

There's nothing like a good road trip to blow the cobwebs away. 

Vast, dramatic skies beckoned as we headed towards the snows of spring.

The Australian Alps in September are scrubby, messy, buffeted by wild winds, scattered with leaves, gumnuts, lichen and debris...beautiful decay, leaching tanin into the snow.

BiLLY blends beautifully into the landscape.  

Australian florals, strong design, superb craftmanship,
BiLLY is synonymous with this ancient wilderness.

Refreshed and revitalised, BiLLY reluctantly headed back to the urban landscape.
The snows are melting and spring is well and truly in the air.

BiLLY's next road-trip will be to the 
magnificent Blue Mountains, for another breath of fresh air.

Our delectable homewares, cotton throws, sumptuous silk scarves, comfy cotton sleepwear, beach bags, gifts and apparel will be available for purchase at:

The Leura Village Fair
Blue Mountains

Saturday 8th October
Sunday 9th October


See you there,


September 13, 2011

BiLLY's Botanica

At BiLLY, we can't get enough of old botanical books. 

Antique or vintage, it doesn't really matter.

The essential element of a superbly beautiful botanica are the colour plates.

Our design inspiration comes from delicately crafted illustrations of 
Bush Blossom, Flannel flowers, Bottle Brush and Grevillea.

Edgar Dell was a Western Australian painter best known for his 
watercolours of Australian wildflowers.  

During the 1930's and 40's his illustrations 
featured once a week in a colour supplement to The Western Mail.

Edgar Dell lived to the ripe old age of 106.  
Perhaps it was because he loved what he did and 
painted what he loved.

His illustrations continue to inspire BiLLY.

Come and visit BiLLY at the next Fair Day in Bowral.

See how delicate botanical watercolours
 translate to beautiful, wearable cotton and silk apparel,
 sleepwear and accessories.

Our next Fair Day is  
The Tulip Time Festival
House and Garden Expo

Saturday 24th September
Sunday 25th September

Corbett Gardens, Bowral
Southern Highlands

See you there,


August 31, 2011

BiLLY goes Bush

BiLLY loves the Australian bush.  
Our bushland is like no other place on earth
in all its dappled, warbling, 
crackling, scrubby, messy glory.

The children who attend The Bush School at Wahroonga are so incredibly lucky 
to have this piece of paradise on their doorstep

The Bush School Fair was a lovely way to spend a day among 
eucalypts, acacia and blossom

Our Australian Native hand printed cotton shirts drew the crowds 
and the trees looked on in admiration.

Thanks to all those who visited BiLLY on the weekend
We love meeting each and every one of you!

and from Trees to Tulips...

Our next Fair Day is  
The Tulip Time Festival
House and Garden Expo

Saturday 24th September
Sunday 25th September

Corbett Gardens, Bowral
Southern Highlands

See you there,