October 04, 2011

From snow to ice

All that magical, sparkling white stillness. All those lovely tinkling, crackling, dripping sounds of spring snows melting.

As we travelled the wide open road home, heading towards summer at the rate of knots, the idea just popped...

Why not recreate a frozen floral wonderland? Invite winter for an extended showing. Slow time down for a spell.

So we did...

Beauty is preserved on ice.  Oh! would that it were true for us. 

Visit us at Leura Village Fair this weekend

The Leura Village Fair
Blue Mountains

Saturday 8th October
Sunday 9th October

Can't wait to see you there,



  1. came here via Jazzy Jasmin
    and what a treasures I found
    love it all!

    with greetings from the Netherlands

  2. Can you eat them?

    They look delicious.

    Perhaps we should make a few with vodka this Summer...


  3. Wow, 'cool' idea! Delicious pictures!
    Come from Jasmin...
    and I'm wondering about your many different eucalyptuses... Would be a nice pattern on fabric also.
    Whatever?! Maybe you can take peppermint for a drink (in your summertime)...
    Greetings from Germany,

  4. via jasmin as well,

    so much beauty here, thanks!
    and greetings from finland :)