August 24, 2011

BiLLY's in The Rose Seidler House

Last weekend, BiLLY took a drive up to the leafy north shore of Sydney 
and headed for the annual Fifties Fair, 
held at the Historic Rose Seidler House in Wahroonga. 

There is nothing grand about this home in the bush. 
The bedrooms are poky,the kitchen small 
and the bathroom is not even worth talking about. 

The wonderful thing about this home is the light, and the space.

The Rose Seidler House is modest.  But she's beautiful.

Light pours through the windows. 
From every angle, there are trees, bushland

...and colour

Lots of gorgeous colour!

BiLLY loves this place.  It's a classic modern home.  

 Spending an entire day lounging, 
reading, writing and dreaming 
while swathed in the light and sounds of the bush
is the perfect way to enjoy this space.

This Saturday BiLLY will be returning
to the leafy north shore suburb of Wahroonga.

The Wahroonga Bush School Fair
Saturday 27th August
10 - 4pm
71 Burns Rd Wahroonga

Come by, we'd love to see you!

For more on the Rose Seidler Historic House go to

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